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Research methodology, diagnostics & evaluation

We cordially welcome you to view in the following pages information on the Department for Research Methods, Diagnostics and Evaluation.

Research methodology focuses mainly on the question of how to design and (statistically) evaluate psychological studies. In the evaluation we specifically analyze the best processes in evaluation of certain measures (for example, a training to reduce anxiety). Diagnostics is primarily concerned with how certain characteristics of a person (for example, intelligence or depression) can be detected and then on this basis diagnosis made. The knowledge of the applied scientific methods is of central importance in the critical evaluation and carrying out of psychological studies.

On these pages you will find more information on who is active in this field and what contributions are being made by the members of the department in teaching and research. In research our focus is very diverse. In teaching, we are involved in the Bachelor's degree course and in the Master's degree courses of Psychology. We also offer courses to the bachelor's program of Cognitive Science.

Our department is located in the Seminarstrasse 20 on the 4th floor.

Please Note:

If you are looking for the Teaching Evaluation Department, which is run by staff in this field, you will find more information here.

If you are looking for the test center, which is responsible for the employees of this area, please click here for more information.