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Welcome to the page of the PC pools in the extension building


PC pool team

Room 15/322

Institute of Psychology

Conference Center

49074 Osnabrück, Germany

Tel .: +49 541 9694735

Opening Hours

The PC pool rooms 15 / 323-324 and 15/502 are open from 08 to 20 o'clock from Monday to Friday.

The PC pool is supervised daily in this winter semester 2016/17 from 08:00 to 12:00.


The PC pool in the EW is a community computer pool of the Department 01 Cultural and Social

Sciences and the Institute of Psychology, which is part of the Department of Human Sciences.

It is available to the students and employees of the respective departments in order to carry out computer-aided research and teaching.

The rooms 15/323 (19 PCs) and 15/324 (30 PCs) are located in the north wing of the third floor in the EW. These rooms are equipped with a partition so that they can be used either as a single or two separate rooms. On the third floor is also the printer room (15/321) as well as the PC pool management office (15/322).

Room 502 is located in the east wing of the 5th floor in the EW building and comprises 21 PCs.

Latest updates

The PC pool 323/324 is now completely rebuilt and completely equipped with new PCs and monitors. From now on it can be used again.

Picture of new PC pool 323/324

The PC pool 502 is from 6.10.2015 also open again.

Picture of new PC pool 502