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General information about the psychology programs

Student life in Osnabrück is marked by a university and a college in the heart of a small town with 160,000 inhabitants. Approximately 25,000 students give Osnabrück the flair of a young student city with a center around the palace, the adjoining palace garden and a cafeteria. Located next to cafeteria and palace is the extension building (EW building) on Seminarstrasse, where a large part of the psychology department is accommodated. Further locations of the institute are situated at Knollstraße and Artilleriestraße.

There are about 600 students enrolled in one B.Sc. program, two M.Sc programs and one (discontinued) “Diplomstudiengang” program (the “Diplomstudiengang” was replaced by the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs) at the Institute of Psychology Osnabrück.

Each winter semester, about 80-100 undergraduate students and about 70-80 graduate students start their academic studies. The relatively small number facilitates students’ easy integration and collaboration. The CHE university ranking has repeatedly given good ratings for program orientation to the psychology program. The psychology program in Osnabrück regularly holds top positions in this ranking, both in overall study situation and mentoring.

The culture at the Institute of Psychology is characterized by open doors and cooperative collaboration between students and teachers. This is also supported by an active staff who welcome new students in the first semester week and organize a Christmas and a summer party each year.