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Psychology Practical Events

The university offers additional practical based opportunities in the form of "practice based events" that include vocational field orientation and qualification. These practice based events give the students the opportunity to get acquainted with career prospects firsthand, to ask questions about the preparation for work related activity and, if necessary, to make first contacts. The subject of the practice based series of events is the passing on of current topics and areas of activity of clinical and work and organizational psychology, which are presented by psychologists from the practice in approximately 1.5 hours of lectures or workshops. In addition to a professional focus, the focus is on the inclusion of practical questions and the participation of practitioners in various fields of psychology.

Examples of guest lectures in the practice bases series of events include:

  • Technology Acceptance (SAP AG)
  • Personnel selection and development (Meyer & Meyer Holding GmbH & Co.KG)
  • Addiction advice (addiction counseling center)
  • Market research (product and market)
  • Psychotherapy and Psychiatry (MediClin Deister-Weser-Kliniken)

Dates and deadlines

The series of practice based events usually take place on selected weekdays within the semester.

Please sign up for the events via Stud.IP as the number of participants is limited. 

The presentations will be in German.

Contact for the series of practices based events is:

Kim Kristin Terkuhlen, M. Sc.

Tel.: +49 541 969-7708

Raum: 75/211
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3
49076 Osnabrück
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