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Practical Experience Advice Psychology

 By providing a wide variety of additional offers in practical experiences, the Institute of Psychology enables students to gain practical insight into the field of psychology while still attending university. Moreover, we especially value the possibility of direct, personal consultation.

 Therefore, students can address personal concerns in a one-on-one consultation. Practical Experience Advice supports psychology students in any question concerning theory-to-practice transfer.

 Subjects are mainly:

  • Information on and planning of internships both national and abroad
  • Participating in practical-oriented additional offers (in-house)
  • Orientation concerning pracital-oriented offers (external)

 We offer consultations both on telephone or in person. Depending on your needs, you can come in and consult with us on your questions/queries. In case of quick questions, feel free to contact us by email.

 You can find the German version of this website here.

Transfer manager at the Institute of Psychology:

Kim Kristin Terkuhlen, M. Sc.

Tel.: +49 541 969-7708

Raum: 75/211
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3
49076 Osnabrück
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