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The activities of the Osnabrück Institute of Psychology are characterized by an empirical-experimental orientation and close interlinking of the basic, methodological and applied subjects. The institute consists of nine subfields that are currently responsible for supervising about 600 students in one Bachelor's and two Master's of Science Programs in psychology. In addition, psychology courses are offered in other programs, e.g. the Teacher Education Degree Program.



Today’s  Institute of Psychology originated from the Educational Section of Psychology at the University of Osnabrück which in turn originated from the Psychology Section of the Pedagogical University of Lower Saxony in Osnabrück. The Department of Psychology was formally set up when reorganizing the departments in 1980. It began working in the summer semester of 1981. The degree that had been in planning since 1973 and approved of in 1978 was then finally given an institutional framework.

In 1999 the Department of Health Sciences Education was integrated which resulted in the department being called the School of Psychology and Health Sciences. Since 1999 the Department of Psychology has also been responsible for further educational programs in Psychological Psychotherapy (specializing in two fields) and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy .

In October 2001 the third field Cognitive Science was added which resulted in the department now being called the School of Human Sciences (Department 08). These additions have given fruitful opportunities for scientific cooperation. In 2007 the current Institute of Psychology was founded as a department within the School of Human Sciences. In 2011 the School of Human Sciences was further expanded by establishing the Institute of Philosophy.


In 2009 the Bachelor's of Science Program in psychology was introduced and has since replaced the discontinued German “Diplomstudiengang” (a “Diplom” is roughly equivalent to a master’s degree). As of October 2011, two master programs in Clinical Psychology and Intercultural Psychology have been added to the department’s program.



The following illustration provides a comprehensive overview of the School of Human Sciences:


·        School of Human Sciences

o   Institute of Psychology

§  Psychotherapy training

§   Policlinics

§  Subfields

o   Institute of Philosophy

o   Institute of Cognitive Science

o   Department of Health Sciences Education


You will find the Institute of Psychology’s faculty and staff directory here