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Bachelor Psychology

  • Designation of academic program: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Regular period of study: 6 semesters
  • Type of program: basic
  • Start of program: winter semester
  • Form of study: full-time

Students in the Bachelor’s Psychology Program acquire independent well-founded methodological skills and broad knowledge of the theoretical foundations required for the description, explanation, prognosis and formation of human experience and behavior. These include the basics in perception and cognition, learning, emotion and motivation in psychology, complemented by the neurobiological foundations of human experience and behavior, the theoretical foundations of development, and the ability to describe, explain and predict development processes. Furthermore, the program offers insight into the relevant theories and the current state of research in social and personality psychology and its application to everyday phenomena.

The Bachelor’s Program consists of three application areas :

Ÿ  Clinical Psychology: In these modules students are taught the basics of clinical psychology and the given diagnostic possibilities. The students acquire knowledge about clinical-psychological intervention options for different mental disorders as well as their integration into the legal and institutional context.

Ÿ  Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology: This module presents introductory theoretical concepts and specific research methods and results of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. Furthermore, symptomatology, epidemiology, diagnostics / differential diagnosis, classification, etiology / maintenance and treatment of various psychological disorders in childhood and adolescence are presented.

Ÿ  Work and Organizational psychology: In these modules, students are taught which factors are to be considered from a psychological perspective for the prognosis, description and explanation of human behavior and experience in the working world in order to make reasoned decisions about interventions in organizations or the design of practical work action.

The Bachelor’s Program requires a total of 180 credits (CP) which consist of 20 modules, including a three-month internship (during the semester), experiment participation, and the bachelor's thesis. An overview of the program’s distribution of the modules can be found here: Ø Curriculum

More detailed information on the structure and contents of the program Bachelor of Science Psychology can be found Ø here.

With completion of the six-semester Bachelor's Program you earn a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in psychology. Following the undergraduate studies, the Master's Programs in Ø Clinical Psychology and Ø Intercultural Psychology are offered in Osnabrück.