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Work and Organizational Psychology


Work and Organizational Psychology is one of the application fields of psychology. Work Psychology analyzes, evaluates, and organizes work, while Organizational Psychology deals with the experience, behavior, and interaction of people in organizations.As an applied subject, Work and Organizational Psychology has a strong interdisciplinary exchange in its thematic area with other organizational and economic sciences such as Business Administration, Sociology, Administrative Science and even Economics.

Typical topics of Work and Organizational Psychology include leadership behavior, human resource development, organizational development, work attitudes and work motivation, human resource selection, cooperation, survey feedback procedures and organizational diagnosis, human resource marketing, work analysis, work organization, ergonomics and usability, organizational culture, workload, stress and health, implementation of new technologies into the working world or ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Against the background of the increasing internationalization of economic and working life, Intercultural Business Psychology provides a special focus in research and teaching at the University of Osnabrück. Intercultural Business Psychology is concerned with topics such as intercultural cooperation, intercultural differences in leadership behavior and work attitudes, success factors in expatriate management, intercultural teams, change management in an international context.

By having numerous contacts with practitioners in the field as well as by active research and constant scientific exchange, in Germany as well as internationally, the field of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Osnabrück pursues the goal of combining practical relevance and scientific-theoretical demands.