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• Positive and negative effects of intergroup contacts, e.g., the Open Research Area project "Positive-Negative Asymmetry of Intergroup Contact (PNAC): A Dynamic Approach" (project number: 265), in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Utrecht University and the Hagen University of Hagen

• Diversity and prejudice, e.g., the project "Diversity and Social Cohesion in Mixed and Segregated Secondary Schools in Oldham" concerning a series of experimental interventions, commissioned by the UK Department for Education

• Prejudice, social relations and personality, e.g., the project “Aggression Toward Minority Groups in Adolescence: A Biosocial Approach”, financed by the “Newton International Award” (project number: NF150557)

• Friendship networks and internalizing and externalizing problems, e.g., in the project “Online Social Networks, Intergroup Prejudice, and Psychopathic Personality Traits” (project number: 2014-023) financed by the National Bank of Sweden (Riksbanken Jubileumsfond)

• Social and personality processes and antisocial behavior among adolescents, e.g., the project "Processes that Buffer against Youth Mental Health Problems: A Longitudinal Experimental Approach" (project number: 2012-10609-21848-41), financed by the Swedish Research Counsel (FORMAS)